poetry, reviews & creative nonfiction


and the triple rainbows of that strange summer


are you the words of your story. gertrude invited

painters & alice b toklas talked just to their wives.

do you feel bad, summer, turning lives on paper.


only you can do something about it. s’your book.

will you have some ideas & will you feel them.  

cloud formations make you cry, so maybe. you


traipse the paths & shape your hands like leaves.

you feel it wrong. they say history, full of anger.


who’s got your story, summer. quick take it back.  

gertrude stein, basket & alice b. toklas



about me


I write poetry, reviews and creative nonfiction, with work in various journals, newspapers and anthologies. I am currently working on a poetry pamphlet, and a creative nonfiction consideration of mental health and failure. I am a smallholder in Teverga, Asturias, and recently spent the summer learning about permaculture and foraging in Léon, Spain.